Friday, June 12, 2015

Make Things Creative Challenge: Week 2: Favorite Color

Punk Projects

Make Things Week 2
Favorite Color

For this week's challenge, I decided I needed some upcycling in my life.  As we cleaned out our garage and craft/project pile, I found some things I was about to either throw in the trash or put on the garage sale.  But wait!

Main Project:  Beat up dry erase calendar to fun board.  I have too many cute calendars anyways, no need for this one, and my little one needed his own magnet board.  

For this project, I spray painted the frame.  Then cut the fabric to size and adhered it with spray clue and stretched it to fit and smoothed it out.  

After my son is finished using it, I can steal it back and put up my own pics, calendar and To-Do List.    

BEFORE:                                                                   AFTER:

Side Project:   2 boring clear votive holders needed some spice (And now need one more coat.  Running out of paint is no fun.)  

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Intentions within Every Day's a Rainy Day

1)  Share and exchange ideas, tips and life lessons.
Through TV, Internet, books, magazines and friends; we are all able to discover almost anything and everything we have ever wanted to know.  I, more than likely, will not be the first person to tell you about new recipes, home remedies, how-to diy's or great finds.  But through our "web of online friendship", you will hopefully now be inspired to actually try out one of the ideas.

2)  Provide inspiration and induce creativity.
I follow fellow bloggers, watch home TV shows, and log-on to Pinterest and Facebook for the same reasons I am beginning to blog.  I need inspiration, too.  Just like I don't read instructions, follow recipes or use patterns, I find something I like and attempt to recreate it with my own twist that is more fitting to "me".  There is nothing wrong with that.  So, take my ideas.  I hope they inspire you to create your own. 
 3)  Keep myself on track.
I need a calendar, lists and goals.  I am obsessed with organization.  I have different folders on my computer for crafty inspiration, recipes, workouts, etc.  I can keep some ideas on Pinterest, but I like the way I organize.  Maybe this will keep everything together and show my progress.

4)  Keep my family connected.
My parents are not into social networking sites and my mom never checks her home email, so I need a way to keep them informed on my evolving life 937 miles away.